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About Us




Alexa Behar Swimwear is a Panamanian swimwear brand established in 2020 by Alexandra Behar, Chief Executive Officer. Alexandra designs essential pieces for women who want to feel comfortable and elegant, all Handmade in Panama.

The essence of ALEXA BEHAR brand is the reflection of Alexandra’s personal style. Her love for the ocean and passion for fashion have all played an important role and continue to act as inspirations for all the collections.

Alexandra began her journey by selling her pieces to a very small and intimate crowd in her hometown, packing orders from home. Then, she was able to expand to worldwide shipping as well as her own personal warehouse and office.  AB also has retailers in the US.

AB offers an exclusive line of swimwear, resort wear and accessories including sunglasses, beach bags, cover-ups and more. Alexandra handpicks every fabric and designs every piece herself with the outmost attention to detail, making her brand an exclusive, comprehensive and glamorous swim and accessories line.